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  • pocztowka Dnia 2015-Aug-29 21:36:06 pocztowka pisze:

    zarzad ma sie dobrze a "bydlo" na dole zawsze mozna zastapic
  • Hung Dnia 2015-Oct-14 07:51:50 Hung pisze:

    Love the website!I'd like to sugsegt an Indian place in Reynoldsburg. It used to be called Venky's Spice House although it's changed names and I'm not sure what it's currently called . It's located in the strip mall on the West side of Brice Road just South of Main (across from K-Mart.)I say place because it's not so much a restaurant, but rather an Indian grocery store with a small kitchen in the back counter to eat at and three quaint booths. I often go for lunch and order tali which can be ordered vegetarian or with the chicken curry and one vegetable side. Served with rice and hot fresh buttery naan, so good and not bad for like $8-9. One of the vegetable sides I love is the Gobee Manchurian, which is a lightly fried cauliflower with onion and green pepper in a red sauce that had a sort of asian influence, very spicy and very good. Basically it's the best Indian food I've had in Columbus, check it out!
  • Ving Dnia 2016-Jan-12 14:07:41 Ving pisze:

    I like to party, not look arecilts up online. You made it happen.
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